Emigrants from Kosovo

By the end of April 1999 about 600,000 Kosovars became refugees, about 375,000 moved to their neighborhood Albania, 150,000 moved to Macedonia and the other moved to Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro.

By the end of 2014 around 100,000 young Kosovars became refugees in Hungary, Italia but the main station was Germany. In addition everyday people are leaving Kosovo and it looks like it is going back in 1999 the story is repeating and all this is because of the politicians (mafia).

As the number of inhabitants in Kosovo for the most part comprised of Kosovar Albanians, exiled person populace was of a relating creation, with around 90% Albanians other than littler quantities of Kosovo Serbs, Bosnians, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians, Turks. Originating from as far away as Afghanistan and Syria and as close as Kosovo and Albania, a great many vagrants a week are crossing into Hungary and asking for refuge, transforming the nation into an EU travel problem area, on the other hand 70 percent of the populace being less than 35 years old, Kosovo has a standout amongst the most affirmed youth swells in Europe. There keeps on being a critical pattern for migration, with around 50 percent of Kosovo’s childhood expressing they would emigrate on the off chance that they could. Around 200,000 adolescent persons are required to enter the work advertise in the following five years in Kosovo.

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