Persuaders Critique

The basic idea from The Persuaders is to show people how advertising works, what its purpose is and how to affectively reach customers. This video shows how businesses think while planning their advertisements and gives you an idea on how much money a simple advertisement costs them. I quickly got the idea that if a company makes a poor choice in advertising, or does not advertise enough, it can hurt their business.

What caught my attention was the fact that businesses will use our emotions to make us relate to a TV commercial, article or any kind of advertisement. If the buyers can relate, they will be more likely to remember that advertisement. If it is funny, it has a chance of being shared by people to their friends or family who haven’t yet seen it.

Advertisements should:

1. Catch the viewer’s attention by humor, emotions or relatable topics because it makes it easy for them to enjoy watching and they will most likely remember it.

2. They need to have a purpose and strive to be affective to bring more people’s attention to your company and product and remain in the planned budget.

3. Advertisements need to be consistent and posted every place imaginable, it will stick in people’s heads and they will remember and talk about your products or business.

4. Keep a good reputation, stick to your word and work by your company mission to always remain on track with it.

5. Having theme music that is repetitive is important because people will remember the music or words and it can get stuck in their head, some may find their selves singing or humming it.

The goal is to get people talking about your advertisement, which leads into them talking about your company or business. The more people see your logo or name, the higher the chances it will stick in their mind. My dad, Rob Chapman is a State Farm agent and has had his face, name and phone number on Kroger carts, public benches, billboards, radio stations, posters, his vehicle, pens, t-shirts, school programs, sponsorships, TV commercials, flyers, etc. He spends thousands of dollars a year in advertising and continues too because people have seen his face somewhere, heard his voice, or he has been recommended by someone.

The Persuaders gives us a chance to look inside businesses plans and really see what they are trying to do to get peoples attention. They tug on our emotions, humor us to grab our attention, use real life scenarios so we can relate, and all of those are ways to make us remember their company. Some businesses do not even talk about their own name or what they do until the very end of the commercial because they are using actors to grab your attention and make you watch until the end.

What I remembered from the video and found to be so true is from the quote, “The secret of it all. The secret of all persuasion is to induce the person to persuade himself.” Companies should not have to talk people into purchasing their products, they want people to believe that they really need or want it themselves. The best kind of advertisement is what other people are sharing with people about your company or products.

Being a Christian in this world of media and advertising, we need to be careful with what we share or talk about. It is wrong for Christians to advertise something that goes against what the Bible teaches and we should do our best to not give the sinful advertisements any attention.

Advertisement should only be done on a budget and companies need to have a plan in action so they are careful not to exceed a certain amount. When companies begin to spend all of their time, money and energy on a product, they begin to worship it and it is the center of their attention. Being a Christian in this industry means to have a healthy balance of work and separating that from your personal life and time with God. Giving thanks to God for the success of your business and obeying all of his commandments will bless you.

This State Farm commercial titled “Never” uses real life scenarios and comedy to relate to people whose lives did not go as planned, because whose does? They use a party, engagement ring, kids, houses and a mini van and words that people can relate to and that makes it easy to remember. This commercial shows that State Farm cares about your family, life and needs and they will always “Be There” when you need them.

“On my honor, I have watched ‘The Persuaders’ in its entirety.

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