diff: Roads and Navigation in Tallinn
Romans Karpelcevs

Actually you were right assuming they skip yellow light at all. If you go by P. Süda on Liivalaia, on the intersection you’ll have two traffic lights as always but the furthest one will show the transition from red light to a green light by one time blinking yellow, but the second one that is just in front of you will not. You’ll not see yellow light. I noticed this not only at this place. Also I’m glad you skipped the police topic, probably I should write down my thoughts about them working here. Also you probably didn’t get into this situation, but in Tallinn there’re traffic lights that won’t change to green at all (e.g. while turning left) if your car was not noticed by its sensors. Yeah, you heard me right. And these sensors work really stupid. As for the rest of the post — what can I say, I feel your pain about every details, especially lanes. Worst part is that when I’m fucked and need to turn left because I picked the wrong lane — I just keep going left and wait until Waze rebuilds the route. But every single Estonian will just try to switch lanes immediately on the intersection breaking all possible rules because he can’t afford losing 2 minutes in this super “big” city.

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