How to rent an apartment in Tallinn. A complete guide.


Why do I even write about this? Is that difficult to find a flat here in Tallinn? Well, in case you want some affordable place for a long stay with a good location where you need to register yourself legally (in order to get a residence permit) — it can be hard (especially if you have zero experience in being abroad). And even harder if you want it fast so you won’t spend a fortune on your temporary apartment.

Step 1

Move to Tallinn. Don’t try looking for an apartment while you are not here, it’s just pointless. Most of the places are getting rented out in 1 or 2 days. The rest of them are ghosts.

Step 2

When you arrive here, grab some food and go to your temporary apartment, don’t spend time anywhere else. You see, everyone who comes here makes the same exact mistake, people just want to relax after a flight. I did the same thing, I was just wondering around for the first day and hadn’t done a thing.

Step 3

Before making your first call, please create a new contact on your phone with a name “Street District Price”.

Step 4

Call. Well, it seems to be easy but in order to get things done with no surprises, you should tell the broker that you are not local and are willing to register yourself. Otherwise you’ll just waste some of your time later by going there in person.


  1. Most of the flats on the Internet are either ghosts or bad
  2. Not all owners want to pay taxes
  3. Not all brokers want to translate the contract for you
  4. To rent an apartment in winter is also hard.


How much money do you need to relocate yourself? Well, if you are alone and a simple human being like me, it will be enough for you to have 400 euros for food, transportation and a temporary place. Then in order to rent a permanent flat you need to pay initially for the first month in advance + deposit + broker’s fee. Deposit and broker’s fee are usually the same as the monthly price of the flat.


  • Try to find friends that work in big startup companies beforehand and ask them if they have colleagues who are renting apartments out.
  • Don’t be cheap, this is the place where you should feel inspired and motivated, don’t rent a place with “I’m gonna just sleep there anyway” attitude
  • Don’t be shy to ask for all the bills they have to see how much money you will pay for a bills
  • Try to find a place in a more or less fresh building
  • Cheap stuff for home could be found in “Jysk”, cooler stuff — in Zara Home or H&M Home


That’s it. If you are thinking about moving to Estonia, visit and make your dream come true. I hope you’ll find a good flat in couple of days. Cheers.



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