From the City of Dreams to the Land of Marvels!

Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai

Kerala’s rich cultural is corroborated by the widely scattered natural remains. Tucked into the southern tip of India, Kerala deserves to be in your itinerary. This serene land extends a warm welcome to tourists to relax in its exotic hills and valleys, enjoy its salubrious climate and interact with friendly locals and in particular to witness their glorious heritage of arts, crafts and vibrant festivals.

The stunning gorges, gushing waters and ebullient waterfalls have been attracting peeps since long. Apart from its breathtaking scenic beauty, Kerala has enough on offer to satiate nature lovers with its wide array of festivals and dances, handicrafts, flora, fauna and temperate climate. The people here are usually friendly and hospitable and they are immersed with a deep sense of beauty by nature and are also known for their sensible expression in their myriad cooking preps and styles with the local dishes.

Kerala, the ‘Nature’s sensations and visions trove’ provides ample scope for angling, trekking, bamboo rafting, scuba diving, jeep safaris, boating and hiking. Its Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks include many endangered species of animals and birds. Tourists would like to arrange a special vacation tour packages in Kerala from Mumbai destination.

Kerala is a perfect bourgeois paradise, with screaming children, courting couples, inquisitive travelers, small vendors, delicious local delights and rowdy adolescents. If you want a modern excursion, however, retreat behind the many hill station resorts and beach resorts, for a streaming cup of coffee and a splendid view of the Arabian coast and the green plantation lands.

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai

Kerala Tour Packages from Bangalore

A cluster of Seven Islands and a great port, Mumbai, known as Bombay till 1995, is situated on the west coast of the Indian peninsula. It is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and as well as the country’s commercial and financial capital.

With dazzling shopping arcades, ultrachic bars, night clubs and discotheques, gourmet restaurants, cacophonic temples, bazaars and sightseeing spots, Mumbai offers visitors a heady mix. The harbor and wide way between the city and its main land has allowed Mumbai to be a natural shipping and trading centre.

What’s popping in Kerala?

Kerala Tour Packages from Hyderabad

The parkland of Kerala is always high as a kite and ways and sways in the Kerala breeze. With sunny side up and being busy as a beaver, land of Kerala is filled with flamboyant festivals, activities and events that will keep you hooked all the time. Some of the noted stations in Kerala to pay your visit are:

The important landmark and star attraction of Kerala is the Munnar hill station. Surrounded by slopes with abundant verdant, waterfalls and precipitous rocky outcrops, Munnar has it all to attract tourist, needless to mention the breathtaking winding route up and down.

Unlike the cousins in North India, Thekkady is relatively unaltered and unexplored. This hill station is known for spice, coffee and pepper plantation. Thekkady is an ideal place for a stroll and is the best way to discover Kerala and its uniqueness. This is a windswept promenade, flanked by the lowlands and a row of highlands.

Though there are numerous and enormous waterfalls in and around Kerala, the best among them are the Athirapilly Waterfalls, Soochipara Waterfalls and Palaruvi Waterfalls. The beauty of these waterfalls is sure to mesmerize tourists.

Kovalam Beach is Kerala’s most famous beach. It draws scores of lovers, the unemployed, the retired tourists and many more. Following sunset, the atmosphere in the beach is like a carnival with kids screaming around with pony rides, wayside astrologers making a quick buck peanut and balloon sellers. In a nutshell, for most tourists and newlywed Kovalam is where the action is.

Honeymoon packages from Mumbai

Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai

Kerala, blessed with hills, peaks, captivating beaches, beautiful rivers, springs, forests and waterfalls offers the most diverse attraction and pull to its visitors. The rising hills of the Western Ghats and the depths of the Arabian Sea contribute to the unparalleled beauty of Kerala. Honeymoon trip to Kerala from Mumbai with your love would be ideal to rediscover natural beauty and unwind in the arms of Nature. Still in confusion? Let’s make it simple, Okay? What kind of backdrop do you want to celebrate your honeymoon in? Palm-fringed beaches of Kerala? Upfront pulsating waterfalls? Or amidst the fogy misty hill stations? Your wish, your interest, and your choice. Make the best use of the chance you get to spend with your lover especially during the beginning of a life. Who knows a perfect beginning of a lifetime love story rolls on the Kerala lands! Check out some of the honeymoon packages collections from Mumbai to Kerala:

· Hill Station with Backwater honeymoon

· Munnar Thekkady houseboat honeymoon package

· 4 Nights at Munnar for honeymoon

· Munnar Alappey houseboat package

· Best in 4 Nights at Kerala waterfalls and backwater

· Splashy Kerala honeymoon package

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai with price

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Strung with glittering street lights like an enormous strand of imperious jewels, Kerala is where most of the tourists and nature addicts come to breathe some fresh air. This well maintained and preserved land can be visited at any point of time but it would be best during the monsoons and winters. With the green hillocks, shady grassy bits with the soft background music of chirping birds. The animals are considerably at its best shot here. In simple use of words, Kerala is a marveled playground that stages some astounding characters. Few accredited tour packages from Mumbai to Kerala along with the price are:

· Family Package starts at Rs 5000 per day.

· Honeymoon Package starts at Rs 4000 per day.

· Hill Station Kerala tour package for 2N/3D at Rs 4500.

· Memorable Kerala tour package for 3N/4D at Rs 9340.

· Athirapilly Waterfalls Package for 4N/5D at Rs 11350.

· Kerala backwater package for 3N/4D at Rs 9340.

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai by Train

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Deep pools and brooks punctuate the river rapids, giving you ample opportunities in Kerala delight to indulge in body, bamboo rafting or swimming. The day can be topped off by a refreshing traditional Kerala lunch.

Mumbai is the headquarters of two railway zones, Central and Western. The main Railway Station Chahtrapathi Shivaji Terminus formerly known as Victoria Terminus is located in the heart of the city. Apart from fast trains like Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani, there are many other trains connecting Mumbai with almost all cities of India. The Konkan Railway has numerous number of trains of around 9–10 trains that travel between Mumbai and Kerala. Other railway stations are Mumbai Central Dadar, Churchgate and Karla. The average journey time from Mumbai to Kerala by rail is 17 to 24 hours depending on the train you chose to ride on and the number of stops the train has.

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai by Road

Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai

The idyllic intense boonies and back roads of Kerala can simply make you canonize with the smell of these refreshing and fresh land.

Mumbai is well connected by a network of roads to the rest of India. Mumbai’s buses are one of the best ways to travel short distances in the city. The bus services operated by MSRTC connect most towns and villages. In addition, private long distance buses ply to and from Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Pune, Panaji, Udaipur and Mahabaleshwar. The road distance between Kerala and Mumbai by car is 21 hours which is approximately 1,264km.

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai by Flight

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Don’t forget to catch the panoramic countryside and soaring hill views across mountainous ranges and valleys. The incredible bio-diversity is a heaven for nature enthusiasts.

Being India’s International gateway, Mumbai has the busiest domestic air network in the country. Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport is 30km north of the city centre. The domestic terminal at Santa Cruz is 4km away from Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus. Many airline companies have their offices at Nariman Point. The direct flight from Mumbai to Cochin International Airport at Kerala usually takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Kerala or the Divine Abode Land unlikely is matchless, peerless and undoubtedly the perfect ground for travelers or people who wish to see, watch, sense and experience the loudness and calmness of Nature at the same time. Enjoy the varied relaxing and refreshing massages provided by well known Spa centers here, which are well trained and back a friendly masseuse. Room-massages for in house guests are also allotted at some Resorts.

So spend the day at your own leisure- swimming, snorkeling, boating or just laze yourself and suntan on the white sandy beaches of Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai. Short and simple trails are available for your own option if you wish. Scale the majestic waterfalls of Kerala, dive into the bluish green heavenly kingdom of Munnar or simply loiter in the National Park of Thekkady and hum your tune with the tone of a myriad of flora and fauna and bizarre tribal dwellers.

To get all types of food in One Rupee is a funny statement, but to get every other aspect of Nature under one umbrella is a bold and fine statement which will make sense to you only if you stamp your feet on the soil of Kerala.