On passing Wayanad Ghats, take a break at some ravishing viewpoints to watch the valleys down hills providing an exotic view of nature. Wayanad is a picturesque plateau situated at a peak between seven hundred meters and 2100 meters above the suggest sea level nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats in the eastern part of North Kerala and on the sides of Tamil Nadu and the Karnataka States. The District became carved out from the then Kozhikode and Kannur Districts. approximately 885.92.square km of the place is under wooded area. The subculture of Wayanad is specifically tribal orientated. though taken into consideration as backwards, this District is possibly one among the most important foreign exchange earners of the state, with its manufacturing of cash plants like pepper, cardamom, espresso, tea, spices and other condiments.

Chembra peak

To test the physical powers of a person, try trekking the Chembra peak which is the highest peak of the region. on each step of your trek, the view gets wider and wider enhancing the magnificence of nature. The Chembra peak is 2100 meters above sea level from Meppadi sea. The place is good for one-day trekking and this loftiest peak welcomes the tourists temporary camp there. It will take an almost full day to trek here both up and down hills. Up on the top, a mountain lake formation in the shape of the heart is present most of them trek to watch this amazing shaped lake. This spot is included in every itinerary including Amazing Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad to enthral the tourists from different part of the state for an exhilarating trekking experience and since the spot is 290 kilometres away from Bangalore, the travel will be comfortable. The place will not dry up even in summer. To trek the hill gets the prior sanction from District tourism promotion council who provides basic amenities for Trek and night camps like log huts, canvas, sleeping bags and other trekking equipment. One can reach Chembra peak by foot starting from Meppadi.

Neelimala view point

A perfect vantage point to watch the Meenmutty falls and valleys surrounding it. From here, the Meenmutty falls seem like a milky way which is tearing apart the intense foliage of Wayanad forests. This viewpoint is 27 kilometres from Kalpetta covered fully with fog inducing a feeling of solitude and lost. Undoubtedly a pride for Wayanad tourism, the Neelimala view point offers an exceptional area for trekking and camping. A local guide or an authorised one will accompany your trek and give major directions for travel. It is advised to hire a taxi to reach Neelimala view point and 3 kilometres drive to Vaduvanchal will make one reach the base of tribal settlement. On your way, the splendid florals along the lanes will welcome the tourists with aromatic presence mixed with the scent of coffee and spice plantations.

Lakkidi viewpoint

while coming from Calicut to Wayanad, the gateway of ghats is at Lakkidi. The 12 kilometres of a ride from Adivaram to Lakkidi with almost 9 hairpin bends offer an exotic experience to this passing. The viewpoint is 700 meters above sea level and offers the view of lofty mountain peaks, lush vegetation and gurgling streams. In olden days there was no such easiest path and as the place was blessed with heavy rains there was no presence of any passes. in past, an English architect wanted to discover the shortest route so he took the assistance of a local nomad, Karinthandan who knew the pulse of the place. With his assistance, he found the shortest path and for gaining credit he killed Karinthandan brutally on the top of the hill. All got astonished in finding this path but soon the ghost of the chieftain started haunting them causing accidents. Some of them have seen a nomad dressed half who would disappear suddenly. there was the presence of small weeping so to get free from this the people surrounding had consulted a priest. The priest after performing some exorcism chained the soul of ghost to a ficus tree using chains. The most exciting part is that the chain grew with the tree signifying the presence of the ghost. The popularity of this tree has invited many Best Kerala tour packages from Mumbai and other cities as it is a real kind of mesmerising for them. Teeming with monkeys, the place offers an adorable ludicrous travel who come to Wayanad.

If your time of travel permits you, then these viewpoints are must be visited and most of the finest attraction of Wayanad can be watched from far here in these places. The amazing trekking experience it offers as an adventure activity needs the most appreciation.