Adopting my motto:

I’ve always lived my life with certain values and beliefs that make me who I am, that are constructed from my views and experience. I’m not asked this very often, but when I am, I find it interesting that the thing that comes up when filling in random ice breaker surveys and things is ones motto for life. And I tried adopting mottos of famous people but I never found them applicable to me and my life. But then I found it.

A phrase I find myself going to when I feel like giving up and times when I have the motivation to fly to the moon and back:

Make it happen.

You want something done right? Make it happen. Stuck with too much homework, your overwhelmed, but you know failure is not an option for you? You just make it happen. See a guy you’ve always liked and the moment is right? Make it happen. Even if you just can’t quite get out of bed in the morning… at some point you just seem to make it happen.

Seems obvious, and probably a little stupid, but when things are unexpected and hard to get through sometimes all you need to hear is the reassurance of the inevitable. That somehow you will make it through whatever it is your going through. If it’s something you hate, tolerate, appreciate it, these things happen and we make them happen. We make a difference in the world through our choices. That’s something that gives human kind power. Our choices.

So if you want something, don’t sit around. Make a choice to make it happen.