Chapter One


I have no idea what I’m doing or what I intend to achieve by joining Medium. But I was inspired and figured I would give it a shot. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and upon recently entering a new chapter of my life simply wish to share more of those thoughts, feelings, and passions that clutter my mind.

Also I hope you’re familiar with Dr.Seuss. If not, you might have a hard time with a few of the references that follow.

That said.

I recently turned 18 and time hit me in the face like the bus hit Regina George in Mean Girls. I didn’t see it coming. In less than a month I will have completed all of high school and committed to college. There I will spend the next four years of my life working to achieve credentials so that I can be the person I want to be. But there’s a small problem with moving into the future like this. I barely got to know high school me and what I want out of life. There are so many choices to make, especially when starting college, that will undoubtedly affect our future. We are told that we have bright things ahead of us by family and friends and Dr. Seuss says that we can move mountains and “oh the places you’ll go” but if only there were a map to that mountain that’s just waiting to be moved.

But on second thought. What fun would that be? If life was as easy as following a map to your final destination. Only now am I learning who my real friends are. What my real strengths are. What my biggest weaknesses are. My greatest accomplishments and bittersweet regrets. All these things, which I have learned without a map, I wouldn’t give up for anything. I have so many goals in life, and I would like to think I also have the drive to achieve them…without a map. I’d like to think that can learn to learn from my mistakes and thus not be afraid to fail.

In this new chapter that I mentioned earlier, I’ve realized that time is the world’s most precious gift. Ive learned that not all opportunities last a lifetime and that what I feel and think is unique and sometimes worth sharing. The future is scary, yes, but the unknown is only scary because is unknown. I think that if you muster up the courage to explore yourself, who your are, what your afraid of, and what you want then you can your really start to grow as a person in ways that no map could ever provide you.

There will be so many things in the future that I will not see coming but I only hope that I have the courage to explore. Because time is precious and my mountain is waiting.

Erin L. K.

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