My rainy day excuse

You know you do it too.

When you’re stressed, sleep deprived, look outside and see rain clouds and think, well, if the world is taking a break from perfection I will too. Then proceed to take the best nap of your life where you don’t know what day it is and could possibly have slept through several meals.

Why is it that only when the world takes a break, or your neighbor takes a break is it okay to give in to stress and pressure? I’ve found, at least in my generation, that we are becoming more and more competitive. Everything is a race. A race to be first, a race to be strongest, a race to be smartest, a race to be successful.

We rarely hear that’s it’s okay to not be okay. That anxiety is common. That April showers bring May flowers and that not only do rainy days happen, but that flowers can’t grow without them.

No one is perfect, even our neighbors and peers. Even when they reach 500 likes on Instagram and are basically a Twitter god. As much as we want to be successful and win the races we participate in, that in no way means that we are not entitled to our rainy days. We all know this, so why do we still feel guilty when when those days show up? We feel like we will fall behind and be left there. Like its a sign of weakness.

But rain is refreshing. And almost always worth the storm.

Erin L. K.

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