The Covid-19 Response Demands Critical Thinking

By Leland H. Faust ,lawyer/investment advisor and Richard A. Conn, Jr., lawyer/investor

America’s fitful response to the Covid-19 pandemic is largely a study in what not to do. A long list of missteps reveals a dysfunctional relationship between the federal government and states, as well as colossal failures in preparedness, overall leadership, and, above all, critical thinking. This is of grave concern.

An unprecedented trifecta of medical, economic, and humanitarian crises is stretching our ability to avoid catastrophe and demands the power of critical thinking, something in short supply from irresponsible leaders and their followers. …


Leland Faust

Founder,CSI Capital Mgmt.Named Top 100 #investment #advisors.(#Barrons).Top 100 Most #Powerful in #Sports. #Author, A Capitalist’s Lament.

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