The Covid-19 Response Demands Critical Thinking

By Leland H. Faust ,lawyer/investment advisor and Richard A. Conn, Jr., lawyer/investor

America’s fitful response to the Covid-19 pandemic is largely a study in what not to do. A long list of missteps reveals a dysfunctional relationship between the federal government and states, as well as colossal failures in preparedness, overall leadership, and, above all, critical thinking. This is of grave concern.

An unprecedented trifecta of medical, economic, and humanitarian crises is stretching our ability to avoid catastrophe and demands the power of critical thinking, something in short supply from irresponsible leaders and their…

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, we are treated to the annual round — the — clock analysis of which team will prevail, by how much, and why. Is it defense that wins? What advantage do the Patriots have because many of their players’ have Super Bowl experience? Can any journeyman quarterback overcome the advantages of having Tom Brady (who many call the greatest of all time) at the Patriot’s helm?

Brady is rightfully given credit for leading an incredible fourth-quarter comeback in last year’s Super Bowl to defeat the Falcons. But the Patriots and Brady need…

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For a variety of reasons, perception doesn’t match reality when it comes to paying highly skilled sports stars.

In June, Forbes published its annual list of the world’s highest paid athletes. Of the top 25, nine are Americans employed by teams in the NBA or NFL. At first glance, $77 million in total income for LeBron James — he of the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and arguably the greatest basketball player on the planet — seems like a lot of money for someone who “plays” a game for a living. But as is often the case, things are not what they appear. …

Americans don’t know how to assess risk, especially when it comes to radical Islamist terrorism at home. We should be outraged by the December mass shootings in San Bernardino, but what is really fear-worthy? Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, fewer than 50 people have died in the United States at the hands of jihadists. It is thus unlikely that you or I will end up splattered on a sidewalk, compliments of a suicide bomber.

What’s really scary is that we are not scared of the right things.The real threat isn’t personal, it is societal: How do we keep a diffuse…

Harvard Research on Social Progress — An Embarrassment?

Even at Harvard University, one of the most respected research universities in the world, faculty can put out drivel. I was appalled after reading the article “Putting Social Progress on Par with Prosperity[1]” in a recent issue of Harvard Magazine. A Harvard Business School professor had issued his Social Progress Index which included a ranking of 133 countries on health and wellness. Do people live long and healthy lives? The United States ranked 68th on that list trailing, among others, Peru (1), Ethiopia (30), Cambodia (40), and Ghana (60). …

Leland Faust

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