Cultural appropriation is a toxic concept.
Serena Farah

If I may reply, what you don’t seem to portray in this explanation is the fact that many white people will be taking the exact same crafts that the people of color have been making for years in order to survive and sell it to the world. Cultural appropriation is extremely important in discussing priviledge. What about the white flamenco dance teachers and students who spend their lives getting recognition and money off this dance which was made by the Romani people. Many of them, have zero recognition for the Roma and will be discriminating the Roma people while beneting from their culture. What about the white people who charge 200$ per person for sweatlodge workshops without any recognition for the Natives, without even inviting the Natives to the workshops so that they get to show their culture to others. The brown women you pointed out might make money doing Henna and it is great and fine if white people go to her to get their henna done, but when white people give henna to other whites they will be making a lot more money than the brown lady and this is when it is problematic. Cultural appropriation is very important particularly when it is used in a monetary gain. When privileged people make money off the knowledge and practices of people who have been oppressed for centuries and also when they do not recognize their struggles or give back to the community from which they are benefiting.