Upon creating a LELE wallet, you will receive a unique passphrase which can be used to access your wallet. Which means losing your unique passphrase would force you to create a new wallet.

You could avoid the hassle by downloading the Android wallet of LELE :

  1. Install the wallet from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.ibrohim.wallet&hl=en .
  2. Open the app and insert your unique passphrase there, this helps the system to synchronise your data.
  3. In Android wallet, you can instantly access and send your LELE without confirming your unique passphrase; therefore in case you lost your unique passphrase, you could quickly move your current LELE…

Dear LELE holders,

The airdrop receivers and LELE holders will get maximal profit if LRP system is applied. Unfortunately, to apply the function of LRP, we need to avoid crashed system during the airdrop. As a result, the Airdrop distribution will be little bit delayed.

Approximately, the distribution will be finished on 10 March 2018, but this delay will not affect the open trading schedule (on Stocks.exchange) on 5 March 2018.

The LRP system will work stable on 10 March 2018 in which entire LRP system works and will always be updated.

How to claim airdrop LELE : https://medium.com/@lele.coinx/how-to-claim-lele-coins-airdrop-86cb0ca25e9e

For those who have participated in the airdrop may send your IGNIS to the market wallet or your private wallet if you want to trade in the market.

After we did the Snapshot at IGNIS block at 83979, the IGNIS holder will get LELE with ratio 10 IGNIS : 1 LELE

Just like when we take a photo, if we are not seen in the camera frame, we will not appear in the photo as well as Snapshot.

For those who have participated in the Snapshot on IGNIS Block may claim the airdrop with these following steps :

  1. The balance from IGNIS Wallet which is used for Snapshot may be sent to the market wallet/new private wallet (to secure the balance). This is optional, depends on the users.

Update About Exchanger Support

Dear Member/Supporters/investors

As we previously announced, LELE coin airdrop will take place on 28th February 2018, in which, holders of IGNIS will receive LELE at a ratio of 10:1.

At the time of writing, several exchanges have has confirmed their support of this airdrop execution. Consequently, we will distribute LELE coin just to users based on the amount of IGNIS they hold ONLY on Ardor wallet and supporter airdrop exchanges wallet at the time of the snapshot.

To further protect the interest of our loyal supporters and investors, we decided to hold the distribution of LELE…

When we create a LELE address, a passphrase created to access LELE can also be used to create an IGNIS / ARDOR / NXT address with the same address, just different at the beginning.

The Example we make LELE wallet with LELE-ABCD-xxx result, when we enter the same passphrase in ARDOR / NXT wallet will also generate the address ARDOR-ABCD-xxx / NXT-ABCD-xxx.

You can visit this link to create a LELE wallet, and in general, can also be used to create an ARDOR / NXT wallet:

Or you can see the articel about create an ARDOR wallet that is almost…

Dear Member/Supporters/investors

Recently, after the emergence of LELE coin for IGNIS holders. Some irresponsible persons create forms for the purchase of LELE coin.

We would like to say that this form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDxmkclb6-svb4ELMUQWj2yAt7ADrRYB5JQ5NPdXd9hyt7KQ/viewform) is a scam form, we only sell ICO LELE coin through the developer or admin in Group LELE coin.

Ignore if anyone sends you this form, because we do not sell through the Etherum address listed on the form.

More info you can join :

Telegram Group: https://t.me/lele_coin

Website: https://e-chain.id

E-mail: support@e-chain.id

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lelecoin_media/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lelecoin1

After the last few weeks we were preoccupied with the preparation of platform upgrades, now it’s time we released the source code for publication to the public.

We have released the source code in github, you can see in http://github.com/lelecoin/lele
We have also made announcements via bitcointalk with linkshttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2939240.new#new

Lite Wallet LELEcoin

Setelah sebelumnya telah clone nxt platform , sekarang kita sudah update platform.

kelebihan platform terbaru ini lebih updatable untuk di ekplorasi , termasuk nanti akan di gunakan sistem LRP yang merupakan sistem milik LELEcoin.

Untuk membuat wallet kami berikan tutorial :

  1. Anda bisa masuk ke https://wallet.e-chain.id/index.html

2. Setelah masuk , klik “ DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? CLICK HERE TO CREATE ONE! “ otomatis akan membuat wallet LELE beserta passphrase , catat dan simpan.

Airdrop Lite Eco Ledger Elements (LELE) is a requirement of Jelurida / JPL with requirements of 10% of total LELE coin supply. In this context, LELEcoin is a 3rd party and is NOT a Jelurida partnership.

The IGNIS holder snapshot will be done on February 28th and distributed 1–3 March, this snapshot will be done for 1 day, so that IGNIS holders can trading as usual before and after the listed snapshot date.

Here’s how to get LELE:
1. Save on the private wallet / wallet of the Ardor platform, you can download pd ardor wallet at https://www.ardorplatform.org/download-ardor-blockchain-platform, choose according to…

reschedule receiver LELE

Sorry for prior notice, because refers to jelurida update requirement ( https://www.jelurida.com/sites/default/files/JPLv1.1-Ardor.pdf ), we will airdrop for IGNIS holder not to NXT holder. When we start this project regulation from Jelurida is to use NXT platform and later they make a new rule that ARDR platform to be use so we change too to ARDR platform.

Using ardor platform and according to jelurida public license any fork of ardor must pay to ignis holder.

Why we choose to move to ARDOR platform ? https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/ardor/raw/68dbd4d80cf87d8a1408b5d016016259c9b91964/ArdorNxtComparison.pdf

for schedule to snapshot IGNIS holder fixed on 28th of february and airdrop will be distributed on 1–3 March. 10 IGNIS will get 1 LELE.

We apologize for this mistake, because there are new rules update from jelurida.

For information :

website : https://e-chain.id/

Grup telegram (Global) : https://t.me/lele_coin/

Grup telegram (INA) : https://t.me/lelecoin/

Contact : support@e-chain.id

LELEcoin Lite Eco Ledger Elements

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