How to Avoid Losing your LELE Passphrase

Upon creating a LELE wallet, you will receive a unique passphrase which can be used to access your wallet. Which means losing your unique passphrase would force you to create a new wallet.

You could avoid the hassle by downloading the Android wallet of LELE :

  1. Install the wallet from .
  2. Open the app and insert your unique passphrase there, this helps the system to synchronise your data.
  3. In Android wallet, you can instantly access and send your LELE without confirming your unique passphrase; therefore in case you lost your unique passphrase, you could quickly move your current LELE to another wallet to secure your fund.

iOS and Windows wallet is currently under development. You should always store your unique passphrase in a safe place.


Ketika kita sudah membuat wallet LELE , maka kita juga akan menerima passphrase yang digunakan untuk membuka wallet LELE. Tetapi ada kalanya passphrase yang sudah kita simpan ternyata hilang , salah memasukkan sehingga malah membuat wallet LELE baru.

Untuk mengantisipasi itu, kami berikan tips yang mungkin bisa membantu anda :

Aktifkan Wallet Android

  1. Wallet LELE berbasis android sudah tersedia, anda bisa mendownloadnya di .
  2. Setelah install masukkan passphrase agar bisa tersinkronisasi.
  3. Karena di wallet android bisa langsung mengirim LELE tanpa harus memasukkan passphrase , ketika nanti anda lupa passphrase LELE wallet anda, anda bisa membuat wallet baru dan mengirimkan LELE anda kesana, sehingga meminimalisir kerugian jika misal kita lupa passphrase.


Wallet iOS dan wallet desktop saat ini masih tahap pembuatan, ini hanya untuk meminimalisir passphrase jika hilang , selalu simpan baik2 passphrase anda.

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