Has technology helped prevent corona from spreading?

technology helped prevent corona from spreading
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Yes, there are many techniques in the Corona era that work!

There are many contact tracing apps around the world that let the government and health agencies know who could potentially be infected, who may need help. There have been good results in South Korea and Taiwan. The technology of GPS and Bluetooth is used here.

When the government and health agencies want to contact the public, they take the help of tools on television, social media and the Internet. The web has helped us a lot in getting quick information to the public. For example, whenever MHA issues a lockdown or unlocks guideline, I do not see newspapers or news channels and download and read the PDF from the MHA website. If this information was conveyed so easily during the Spanish flu of 1918, many lives could be saved. But unfortunately at that time, the technology of telecommuting was not as advanced. There was no internet. Information technology did not emerge.

It is not possible to get 100% sure that a patient is properly tested today without the technology of RT-PCR. Today we all know the importance of RT-PCR, as scientists are engaged in making Covid-19 vaccine day and night. If there were no information technology, instruments, lab techniques, gene sequencing, etc. then clinical trials would not have been possible today. Technology is essential in every field and finds its place.

Technology ranging from thermal guns to masks, hand sanitizers, incinerator, body bags, gloves, etc. How difficult would it be to fight this epidemic without it?
Techniques are needed to fight the corona. Technology is always helpful. There is only one condition to keep from misleading WhatsApp messages or else this single technology can become a curse for everyone.



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