2,000,000 #XRP Giveaway — Brad Garlinghouse 10/19/2019

Oct 19 · 1 min read

Ripple has come along way in the past year and we couldn’t do it without you.

XRP continues to be a key player in the Blockchain ecosystem and in Q4 2019 we will be dedicating even more resources to make XRP, and RippleNet easier to use and more accessible.

To celebrate the global power of #XRP we are proud to announce initiating the airdrop pool of 10,000,000 XRP!!

Nothing we do at Ripple Labs would be possible without our community, and this is just a part of our efforts to assert that.

If you want to participate, it is simple to do. Just navigate to the XRP airdrop portal below to learn more:

Click this — official link to get free XRP

Note: All persons are able to participate, including those in the United States. The competition will last until the entirety of the 10,000,000 XRP held in the airdrop-funds have been released. If you are late, your XRP will be instantly refunded.


Brad Garlinghouse

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