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Six Online Career Evaluations that can Help you Know Yourself

After being laid off, I decided that I needed to find a job that truly suited me, not one where I felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. …

I wanted to report a tiny amount of hope as you continue your healing journey. What a handsome kitty he was.

I work for a company that sells products to veterinarians and pet owners, and we have a pet friendly HQ office. We actually do have a pet bereavement policy! One day of paid leave. Not much but a step in the right direction. By comparison our family member bereavement leave is 5 days, but like you said that is pretty much the norm.

As pets continue to live longer, pet friendly offices become more popular, and as the child birth rate continues to decline, pets will likely become considered more like children. I wouldn't be surprised if other animal focused companies like mine also recognize the need for and allow pet bereavement leave, and there is hope that this will spread to other industries too.

What to be aware of and ask about while looking!

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As another spring semester starts to wind down, 2021 graduation gets closer, job offers are being made, and new grads are soon to strike out on their own. I’ve been renting apartments since April 2016 when I moved to the big city for my first job after college. I was 23 and generally a responsible person but had no idea what it really meant to be living totally on my own. There have been a few surprises but I will soon be 28 and just moved to my 4th different apartment in the past 6 years. During so many moves…

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Over 60 companies publicly warned by special Task Force

March 11, 2020. It was a regular Wednesday. I got the trusty email I receive every Wednesday morning from FDA on the newest warning letters that have been posted publicly. Excellent resource if you’ve never seen it. This time though, seven of these warning letters were different. …

You’re interviewing the company as they’re interviewing you!

If you don’t need to take the first job offer that comes your way, or even if you do, realize that you have just as much power as the person sitting across from you in an interview. This will help your confidence going in, and if you come prepared with some good questions and possible follow up questions, you can determine whether they have their ducks in a row, too. Make every interview a positive experience, and the interview process will become a positive feedback loop that you will be happy to participate in .The …

I was laid off and here’s how I got through it

I was laid off from my first corporate job in October 2017. I took it pretty hard, but now I have a new job and I want to share what I went through. I’d like to write a series of articles about the emotions, the processes and specifics, and the fun. I’ll post the links to each here as they get published.

Here are the articles I’ll be writing:

Being Laid Off and how I dealt with the emotions

Re-evaluating my life and my choices in a methodical way

Lessons I learned from being laid off

Top 3 questions I…

Photo of my lamp and light timer.

When having a reason to wake up isn’t enough

I’ve always known that I’m sensitive to the changing of the seasons, and used to fall asleep on the couch all the time if I forgot to turn on an overhead light in my living room before it got dark outside. This winter, I had more trouble than ever to get up and get the day started, especially without the wonderful prospect of going to work every day. I recently read a book called Habit Stacking and it gave me lots of ideas but my main issue of getting out of bed was nagging me. My most important takeaway from…

Just don’t show me your creepy ways okay?

I had a package delivered yesterday and, to my surprise, when I tapped on the push notification and then checked the updates to see who the carrier was and where they may have delivered it, I found a photo of my doorway with the little box sitting in front of it that had been taken just five minutes beforehand. Immediately I got a few tingles up my spine. It is a bit creepy. Luckily they did provide space to give feedback, but that box had a character limit and only accepted one sentence that ended up something like, “This is…

Reach out and touch your food while it’s still on the farm.

When people in agriculture decide to share their livelihood with the world, it can be a beautiful thing. They become important resources for regular people like me who wouldn’t normally experience the way food is produced. We can join farmers on the journey from planting to harvest or from birth to becoming meat or producing milk and eggs. We can also get some glimpses of what happens between the farm and the grocery store from people along the supply chain who also share, and even get advice on how to treat our food once we get it home.

These are…

A dream that so many have to learn from

Well, I officially failed. I didn’t publish anything last week, or the week before. Now I get to tell you a story about how failing led to the path I’m currently on.

In the tech entrepreneur scene, a big mantra is fail fast and fail better, or some version of that. For them it applies to the development of their business, but I’ve found that failing along the way in life has led me to the pretty happy place that I am now.

The path to vet school

It’s very straightforward, really, and feeling like I was on that path gave me structure and I…

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