My Process of Finding a new Job

I was laid off and here’s how I got through it

Lela Perez
Jun 4, 2018 · 2 min read

I was laid off from my first corporate job in October 2017. I took it pretty hard, but now I have a new job and I want to share what I went through. I’d like to write a series of articles about the emotions, the processes and specifics, and the fun. I’ll post the links to each here as they get published.

Here are the articles I’ll be writing:

Being Laid Off and how I dealt with the emotions

Re-evaluating my life and my choices in a methodical way

Lessons I learned from being laid off

Funemployment — how important it is to keep enjoying life during unmployment.

Unemployment Insurance Stigma and Facts

Keeping up with your Network in the First Place… I could use some advice on this

Whose advice to take, and not to take (but i think i just took it the wrong way) and recruiters, and internet friends are great.

Tracking job applications using google forms

Is Finding a Job really a numbers game? Here are my numbers.

Phone Interviews as an introvert, yikes. — Have a cough drop before your phone interview or even an in person interview.

Top 3 questions I ask Interviewers

Weird Interview Stories — Offensive (sense of humor) and Scammy (“marketing” companies)

Thoughts on Job App Demographics and the “Diversity” Candidate — if they ask you if you’ve done something that’s not on your resume, they might just be using you.

I wanna record my interviews, but I do always take notes and write them digitally too.

Having a Fall-back Plan… I almost went back to school.

Things I would do differently if this happened to me again.

Lela Perez

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