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I was planning to launch this blog in a couple of weeks, but yesterday’s RNC data leak has me fuming.

Essentially 2/3 of US citizen’s data was leaked. While the President’s approval and disapproval ratings go haywire, we get a sense of how America is being steamrolled by rising artificial intelligence combined with a human decline in intelligence.

I’m reminded of the Ashley Maddison leak. Back then, I wrote a parser to match anyone’s google address book data with the AM list to see who I know that is on the list. It worked surprisingly well. Now it’s time to find this new dataset and see what A.I. magic I can stir up. So far I have not found the dataset on torrents. Many of the files are in an alteryx ‘*.yxdb’ database. Message me if you know where to find the dataset (daniel@lsci.io). Big picture, this is just nuts.

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GenRush.com is a lead generation startup Accelerating Sales with Machine Learning

I use big data and A.I. to crunch data like this every day. A venture I’m involved in, called GenRush.com, where we build up models of companies using A.I. and help companies connect, sort of like a dating website for sales. Rather than being a search engine, the system is notification-based, and complies with relevant laws like anti-spamming legislation and do not call lists. Big picture, this data leak is going to be amazing for data scientists and terrible for regular people. As soon as I get my hands on the leaked dataset I plan going to start putting something together for my friends.

More as it happens.

daniel@lemay.ai ← Say hi.

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