It’s a dream,
I awoke to the shouts of weeping
I awoke to reality again
My Nigeria;
As a tree in the winter
Little by little its blossom withers
Where is the shine?
My Nigeria;
As water surrounds an island
We surround you again
Waiting for your green to return
My Nigeria,
We await blossom
When your fruits will be entwined with your leaves
With a broad smile of peace perfecting your beauty
Yes, I dream
Of a Nigeria where tribalism is only a symbol of unity and not our differences
I dream of a society 
Where equality means equity
Where my child does not have to cry for her milk
‘Cause I’m here to bring her its sweetness
I dream of a better world
My Nigeria;
When you will change, yes change
Where there would not be Christianity or Islamism 
But a world of love, unity, and peace
Where book haram is but a faded story
But look, 
My Nigeria,
Each leaf falls
The color changing to a shadow of itself
But yet we surround you
As ants surround sweetness,
We hope:
For a world with no war, hunger, pain, and bombing
Only of our Nigeria:
In oneness of peace, strength and love
Yes, we still hope
Not a concept of it
But its reality
My Nigeria, my home
We await the rising
Yes, we hope for your change