Donald Trump is a career scumbag and his supporters are a bunch of dumb racists
Rob Gunther

For his supporters I offer only the easily verifiable FACTS :

Trump has been sued by the federal government 169 times, more than anyone else ever in history.

He would have between 30 and 40 billion dollars if he had invested his inherited money simply in the S&P 500 INDEX.

His 4 bankruptcies are not standard operating procedure as he would like you to believe. In fact his bankruptcy of a casino in the 90’s in America is hard to do considering other casinos were recording record profits.

He wants to build a wall larger than the Great Wall of China despite that wall taking centuries to build with hundreds of thousands of workers. This statement alone shows he understands nothing about the walls purpose. He just wants his name on it.

He is quick to condemn ALL MUSLIMS but needs time to think about David Duke or White Supremacy and the KKK.

Last week he stood on stage touting his products….Trump steaks……Trump Water…..Saying it was laughable to think these products are out of business. I assure they are out of business. He may provide water to his guests but TRUMP ICE which was the business in question has filed for bankruptcy. Also trump steaks were only sold on the sharper image website. The sharper image says this product is no longer in production.

His claim that the BBB has upgraded his failing grade to an A has been dismissed by the BBB themselves. Of course trump has called them losers.

He also claimed on CNN to “Never have offered to pay for anyone’s legal bills” . This video of him offering to do so was played back for him during his interview. To my amazement he still denied saying it. He’s a joker of a candidate who offers no specific policy and couldn’t point to the middle east on a map. There’s a reason many countries are trying to ban him from entering and many admirals and generals swear they won’t follow orders from him or will resign their positions