I am in a Funk
Stella J. McKenna

About Funk

What first came to mind at “funk” besides being in a funk was funk or funky as in music, often by bluesy black artists in R&B, jazz funk, deep house and Detroit techno genres. This is a condition far easier or far worse worse depending on how you look at it. That is the ability to sound funky. It could be a prison, but the way I think of it, it is liberating and appealing. There is funk in the visual arts too that is something of a direct protest against the establishment, sometimes crude, always pointed. In some situations you could say I don’t give a funk instead of something stronger, just as in some songs the word funk sounds like something stronger. Maybe all these funks are related, maybe each of the other funks is not this kind of funk. If all these funks are related, no single funk can be hopelessly bad, as there is something kind of neat in funky.