The System

The system it’s divided into many parts, but unified as a whole. It’s dipicted to take every black soul. Unified in a way in which blacks will continue to fall into traps.The system it takes away our confidence, so were left with nothing but raps. Miseducated Negros walking through the streets with no goals.

Mind’s so organized and controlled by the system that we stand on the street corners and sit-in classrooms as we watch our brothers and sisters get whipped with pistols. So immune to being abused that we can’t stand up for whats right. Afraid that if we take a knife to a gun fight our soul will be gone in one night. If we come together we do have one fight.

We have to stop standing around and being scared to stand up for whats right. Don’t continue to be viewed as a fool. The system it continues to enslave our people, got us so confused that our people are going against our people.


T. Taylor

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