5 Reasons Why Market of Android Application is Gaining Popularity

You understand well that how the usage of mobile phones have become the major stay in the lives of people. This is precisely the reason why mobile applications come into existence to accommodate the requirements of mobile users. However, these mobile applications make use of dynamic mobile platforms for its development. There are different platforms available including Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android. Among all the platforms, Android is much popular and growing platform for mobile app development with each passing day.

Let us discuss 5 main reasons why Android application market is gaining popularity. This includes:

  1. Android functionality is easy to access:

It is the best part of Android that all its functionalities are easily accessible. The accessibility menu holds some tricks to look into your device and its functions. You are allowed to access your important information wherever you are with an ease. Some of the Android applications let you pinch to zoom too. Besides, the android functionality is easy to create and a developer can develop such amazing applications if he/she has knowledge of Java or Android software development kit.

2. Great innovation due to open source:

Android platform is open source due to which it becomes easy for Android developers to work on this platform with great innovation. This in turn, developers get encouraged and make use of maximum creativity to utilize Android resources for developing good applications.

3. Good hardware range at cheaper rates:

Android is much compatible with the smart phones and are available at cheaper rates. Most of the features are equivalent to those that comes in high-end mobile phones. In addition to the price of phones, the applications and downloads are also cheaper as compared to other platforms.

4. Highest market share:

The market of Android has highest market share to around 80% of the devices. This means that developing an Android application is a good sign for the community of Android developers. Besides, this platform allows easy installation of custom ROM and rooting of your phone.

5. Optimized for social applications:

Today, Android platform is much accountable for developing social applications including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and much more, and its segment is also actually growing. Some of the Android application developers are going social to increase their potential by earning good revenue.

Moreover, the mobile applications are taking over at a faster pace in today’s internet world. Truly, 7 out of 10 devices are using Android platform. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that when looking for reasons why Android app development is much popular these days then this essentially entails great advantages, right from discoverability, high reliability and cost factors too.

Apart from these, Android platform is easy to learn and developers can develop applications on it with an ease. So, whether you are an enterprise or a leading start-up that is hunting for hiring the professional Android developers for creating standard mobile applications on Android or even, iOS, you should contact Lemosys Infotech.

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