Statement: How might we minimize seasonal depression?

  1. My General Ideas

These are ideas I had during the brainstorm session.

Spice up your winter bath routine!
I would buy this in a heartbeat, I dont know about you guys…
For those cold mornings.
Relax with reading while you improve your health through vitamin D.
  1. New Warm Up Game

For my warm up game, I decided to use alliteration. I made letter cards of the alphabet and I brought them to my group. For the game, there were 5 rounds of 2 minutes each. A group member would select an unknown alphabet letter, and then for 3 minutes, everyone had to go around saying words that began with that letter. It went well, and everyone was able to participate quickly so it was quite a rapid fire game.

I had the letters all turned upside down for the game, so that selection was totally random. Each member had a chance to pick a letter. We ended up with S, N, W, Y, and E.

In addition, we also briefly played zip zap zop. Two group members had played this before.

3. Session Organization

Thanks, group!

Group Participants (left to right)

Tanner: Works at the rec center, from Wisconsin, Econ major

Colin: Lives in Duluth, was visiting MPLS for the day, used to cold temperatures up north

Kylie: Sophomore student at the U, prefers summer season

Toby: Civil engineering student, relies on public transportation

Setting: A quaint, yet comfortable living room in Dinkytown. Shared coffee table for participants to view each others’ ideas.

Warm Up Games: Alliteration game & zip zap zop

Idea Generation Time Length: 20 minutes

Ideas Generated: 27

IPM: 0.33

Toby’s first idea
Halfway through the session

4. Sorting and Voting



— Audible/Musical

— Alternate Reality/Simulation

— Light Related

— Physical Comfort & Warmth

— Fun Activities


Each member was given 4 votes, they were instructed to draw stars on their 4 favorite ideas. They were not allowed to choose their own ideas.

5. Top Ideas

Toby’s idea
Kylie’s idea
Kylie’s idea
Tanner’s idea
Colin’s idea
My idea
Kylie’s idea
Colin’s idea
Tanner’s idea
Toby’s idea
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