How Social Media Correlates to Better SEO Rank

One question that has been buzzing around SEO circles for years is, does your social media presence have an impact on your SEO rank? 
 The quick and easy answer is that yes, it does have an impact. But according to industry experts and comments by top search engine engineers, it’s more a matter of correlation, not causation. The individual shares of a top post will not be graded the same way as an individual link to the page, but the buzz surrounding a top post means that your good content will be both liked and linked to — and those things will bump up your SEO ratings.
 Even though the exact ranking algorithms are a closely guarded industry secret, it’s a well-known fact that links are a major factor in where your website will appear on the page lists. So one way that social media benefits SEO is by sending top posts to more people, which means there’s a better chance that those people will create links to your page. And that’s true no matter which social media site you are using.
 Social media also becomes brand awareness and marketing at its most basic. If people do not know that your company or product exists, it will not matter where it is in the rankings because they may never think to do the search for it. Social media plays a key role in creating and sustaining an audience around your company. With 2 billion people on those networks worldwide, that makes a potential 4 billion eyeballs for your company and its products.

Marketing experts know that the first step to selling product is creating a brand awareness. Customers who are looking for jeans are more likely to click on a link to a brand of jeans that they have heard of before than one that is new and unfamiliar. The bigger your social media circle becomes, the more people will make those clicks on your product, which then works to boost your SEO rank. You can even use videos to promote products and share information about your company to make the content of your social media pages viral and interesting.
 Branded searches also will pay off for your SEO rank. When consumers do a web search for your brand name plus a random keyword, it can help your ranks for similar keywords. For example, the jean company above could be searched using BRAND jeans. Now, when other customers search for “jeans” your brand of jeans will appear higher in the rankings if those initial customers show a positive interaction with your content.
The world is now on social media. Just as previous generations of marketers moved into radio and television, now social media shares, clicks, and links are the drivers of marketing success or failure. Your business’ customers and potential customers are using social media pages ever day, so your business should be there.
 Those customers, over time, are more likely to choose your products out of a search results line-up. Those positive clicks plus the association that develops between your brand and a related keyword drives up your SEO rank. So even if it is a correlation, not causation, without a vibrant social media presence online, you may not have a loyal audience to generate SEO success.