My funny story of being a creator.

One of the great things I learned during the past years, as I found myself in creating things, is that we lived in a world where each of us have its own set of skills and goals in life at the same time.

Frequently, it will contradict each other. Most of the time I think lol. But in order to make it work together, you need to draw the vision, build it on your own and believe that it will make an impact, because nobody can do it.

So I want to tell you a cool story that happened few weeks ago.

4 years ago, I built a website project ( when a friend inspired us of diving and not being afraid to start building things. After that day, in my desk and during some wee hours of my college class (actually while in the class lol), I started to wrote down a plan, made the vision for days, then started to wrote the initial codes on my own of what I dreamt would be the next big thing. And yes, the last thing you will need after was to believe that it will create an impact. I maybe into the hype that time, because if I can remember it is the peak of Facebook and Twitter clash. Instagram is not a cool thing yet, even Snapchat doesn’t exist yet on our vocabulary. Of course, it may not be as big as Mark Zuckerberg did and to the employee #10 of Facebook, but I DID because I have a goal and skills. The rest is history.

For those who are curious, yes after several talks during the past days, I was able to sold the website, the mobile app and its trademark to a foreign investor in an undisclosed amount. The kid found it’s new home and I am sure that it will be used in a more useful way.

Some of you might ask, “If you believed in it, then why did you sell it?”. My answer would be, “You said it already, I believed in it. The great thing about it is Selling is not equal to giving up your dreams. I’m a creator.”

For the creators reading this right now. Giving up is not an option. Don’t stop on creating things and believing on yourselves. Several times everything will work against you, but fear and patience fuels everything. Without fear there’s no courage, without failure there’s no patience. Success is just the result.

Thanks for everyone who became my beta testers and first users of the site. Thanks for everyone who made fun of me creating the website. Thanks for everyone who believed and supported me to maintain it.

Let’s create more in the future!

If you enjoyed reading and want to share stories, feel free to message me. I will be very happy to accommodate you.

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