When all else fail, it’s not theirs, it’s yours

One day after you graduated from college, most of you will start looking for a job to earn money. Some will thrive on starting their own businesses, some will choose to move to the big cities, and some will go to a local business hub to apply for any entry level positions. If you got that energetic and exciting feeling to achieve success in career, you’re lucky. But if not, you will end up blaming your parents or your past experiences.

I’ve heard a lot of times from graduating students asking advise on how they will land to their dream jobs. I also heard some who ask for help to give them recommendations to companies that I know so they can have an interview. Luckily, many of them are now working at the companies, some got motivated and landed on their so-called ‘dream career’. Unfortunately, few of them didn’t. So, there goes the next episode of ‘life-of-no-ending-problem’ story for the people who didn’t landed well in Mars. lol

I tried to think of why these things happen on most of us. Why do we get headaches when it comes to finding a job, instead of using it to solve problems and gain success. So, I came up with the following reasons which I can relate into:

1. We are afraid to take the risk of getting a work that requires high level of performance.

Most of us are seeking for a high paying job in our first try. Yes, it is possible. However, high paying job comes from smart businesses. And smart businesses only hire people who are capable and can meet their skill requirements. Can you meet their requirements?

If YES, then why you didn’t send an application? I get it because you’re too afraid that you might have mistakes and other people will see it. Worst, the news might reach the people who knew you well and it will destroy your reputation as a smart ass.

If NO, then why you didn’t study in advance, get serious and gain that skills? You want a high paying job but you are not willing to have the best skills to help others? Companies will not give salary to you because you’re an employee, you have that salary because you need to make things work.

2. We are attached to our Comfort Zones.

Many of us were attached to “My family is here, my house is here, my friends are here, I want my job to be here” paradigm. We have that feeling of letting go of things we used to live with is not a valid option. We give value so much on the memories we have together with our family and friends, that we saw working far from our place might ruin the relationship towards them. Not noticing that memories are from the past and it should be kept, instead of living with it.

3. We choose the Easiest Path and take others for granted.

One time a young man asked me that he needs money right away so if I can recommend any job position available for him. Somehow, I was able to send few links of job openings and gave him few advice. A minute later he replied back telling me that the jobs I sent to him were a little bit difficult to do. Then asked me if I can send another one and if I can recommend to some companies that I know. So, I did. The following day, I sent him a message asking what happened to the interview. He didn’t answer for about an hour and told me that he didn’t went to the interview because it’s too far and he woke up late. That feels shit, so I just answered ‘okay’. Well, he didn’t even bother to say thanks. This is too dangerous folks, most of this kind of people are those who choose a wrong path that some led them to selling drugs, stealing money and always compare themselves to other people.

4. We undervalue ourselves, blame it to financial capability and educational system.

Most of the time we heard from a lot of people that they didn’t finish their school because of the problem financially. And others who didn’t have any problem with cash blame it to the system. It tends for us to blame everything, look for justice but undervalue ourselves at the end of the day. One day you will have a son/daughter, and because you feel shit since then, you will not give importance to the education that they need.

I know there will be a lot of reasons to add on. I hope you will not fall on it. I hope you didn’t just keep that thought and instead share it to young people for them to prevent it in the future.

All of us may have the different kind of perspective, understanding and beliefs. In the same way that we differ in the situations, circumstances and environment we started and lived with. But as the sun rises, you have the whole day to choose a path. A path of choices you will make to have a successful and happy life between the day of your birth and the day of your death. A life you will not regret.

Because If all else fail, it’s not theirs, it’s yours.

I want to leave this video of one of the coolest and inspiring entrepreneur we know, Gary Vaynerchuk:

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