Dear Wil Wheaton: Make Peace Not War, Progressives Are Not Your Enemy
Trent Lapinski

He came to Medieval Times shortly after ST:TNG premiered. My brother was the DJ at the “Knight Club" after the show. Wil pushes past some people to the booth and demands a song. My brother ignores him for being rude. He’s getting snotty (he’s still a teenager) and says the worst thing you could have said to my brother.

“Do you know who I am?”

“No. Shut the fuck up. Go away. “

John is 6' 4" 275, so Wesley went away.

He’d been on TV maybe 6 months, he’s not old enough to drink and he’s already an asshole. Don’t expect wholesale change at this late a date.

When I showed John ST:TNG, he said, “Yeah, that’s the little bitch.”

He’s been “the little bitch from Star Trek” ever since.