Gawker was not, and never was “a large company”.
Eve Moran

What you think about “Disney” and “Facebook” are irrelevant to the scope of what happened to Gawker. Facebook making you angry because they blocked your account has absolutely nothing to do with aiming cameras into modified peepholes, theft of private property (sex tape) or the mass proliferation of that tape. And I never seen Disney criticize and degrade a 4 year old over his fathers job. The thing about Gawker not being “wealthy” is also flawed. I’m quite sure they had enough money to defeat the others who tried to sue them. Hulk Hogan, after pro wrestling for decades couldn’t afford to sue them on his own and he’s wealthier that the average Joe.. and that’s what’s important here. If you do something wrong to another person, you should be held accountable in a court system that yes, even the lowly average Joes can access. Financial barriers protecting the wrongdoing of an a-hole wiping paper like Gawker is what’s wrong here. Gawker should have been made to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs.

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