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Gray Legal Welcomes: Anthony Trzaska & Adam Rosen

We’re very excited to announce that Anthony Trzaska and Adam Rosen are joining Gray, PLLC as Counsel in Cleveland, Ohio.

I first met Anthony at a fundraising event for the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland a few years ago. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Anthony, when you finally do, three things will be immediately evident:

One, he loves Slavic Village. He’s proud to have grown up there and has made it a personal mission to reestablish SV as a premier location for Cleveland entrepreneurs, young professionals and families. Anthony’s work in the neighborhood through his development company, Sonny Day, has been instrumental in the recent growth of the Fleet Ave corridor. And he has almost single-handedly returned the old Slovenian National Home (aka “The Nash”) to its iconic stature.

Two, he’s a helluva nice guy. Anthony is the rare sort who makes you comfortable immediately upon introduction. He’s genuinely interested in who you are and how he might be helpful to you. Great qualities, of course, for both a friend and an attorney.

Three, Anthony is whip-smart. Whether it’s law, real estate, politics or sports, Anthony has knowledge to share. He’s quick on his feet and is extremely effective at conveying ideas without devolving into wonkish lawyer speak.

The last two qualities are almost certainly why Anthony has developed a loyal client following, and we’re very pleased to have an opportunity to work with each of them, as well.

When I moved to Cleveland in 2013, Adam was one of the first people I met, and he very quickly became one of my best friends. Simply put: Adam is everywhere. He’s active in local government. He sits on multiple boards and participates in a number of community organizations. He’s an accomplished triathlete. And he’s something of a vegan celebrity (check out social media for “Hold the Pigskin”).

Cleveland Business Connects magazine dubbed him a Networking Rising Star, which makes sense because, in addition to being everywhere, he knows everyone. If you need an introduction to someone in Northeast Ohio, if Adam can’t make it, he almost certainly can help facilitate it. Adam is funny and engaging, and that’s made him a quick friend of folks across the region. This, in turn, has made him a true asset to his clients for his ability to help them navigate the various political, business and social circles in the area.

For additional information on Anthony and Adam, please see their bios below. I’m thrilled that they have decided to join the firm, and I think you’ll be equally thrilled if you have the opportunity to work with them.

Thanks for reading!

Anthony Trzaska is a true “craft counselor” — an entrepreneurial-minded attorney with a passion for Cleveland and helping the burgeoning maker community reinventing it. Anthony advises individuals and their small businesses on matters ranging from entity formation to day-to-day business counseling (read: fire extinguishment) to real estate acquisition and management to estate planning and all points in between.

Anthony shares a unique perspective with his clients, as the founder of a startup business and real estate development company of his own. Because of this, he understands what it means to “wear all of the hats” and the importance of finding creative, affordable legal solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Prior to joining Gray Legal, Anthony worked with Dubyak Nelson LLC, spent two years with a large, regional law firm, and served as general counsel for his family’s business in Northeast Ohio.

Anthony grew up in the historic Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, and through his development company, Sonny Day Development, has played a key role in reenergizing it and other local communities.

He resides with his wife, Melissa, and their two children, Annie and Allan, in Lakewood, Ohio.

Anthony is licensed to practice in the state of Ohio.

Adam Rosen brings government, real estate and economic development experience to help businesses in every aspect of their formation and growth. Adam assists clients in the structuring, negotiation and documentation of a wide range of transactions, including the acquisition, leasing, financing, sale and disposition of commercial real estate developments. Adam’s experience across all levels of government aids clients in obtaining government approvals and financial incentives. ​

Adam formerly practiced at a leading Midwest firm representing banks, insurance companies, savings and loans and other financial institutions in the areas of commercial real estate lending development, and tax credit financing. He has a Masters in Public Administration from the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University and is a licensed Economic Development Finance Professional by the National Development Council.

Adam is a third generation Akronite, and currently resides, with his fiancée, Erin, in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood on the near west side of Cleveland.

He is licensed to practice in Ohio.

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