Every artist has a ‘’Plant phase’’

These were drawn during the winter of 2016/17. 
In that time I was very much overwhelmed by this need to create something original. Something of great significance that people can relate to.
To escape that feeling I needed to make something light and easy to understand, without a great concept or story behind it. But if I was ever to draw something meaningless, it had to be on my own terms.

I did my research, went to many glasshouses looking for the perfect flowers to paint. Focusing on light and space with the end goal of something beautiful and fluid.

Experimenting with different media I ended up using watercolor on toned watercolor paper with a layer of tracing paper. I would do a pencil sketch of the scene determining the composition, making sure every element stood firmly and logically in space. The second step was determining shapes and light using color. After all the plants were in their place I would put tracing paper over the whole drawing. With graphite and pastels described intricate details of the plants making sure they had depth and worked well in space. The finishing steps would add what shadows or light was missing in the piece.

Combining graphite, pastel and watercolor the paintings ended up as I wanted them to be, beautiful and effortless

You can find more of my work on Behance or Instagram @prekini.

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