Secularism in the Middle East: An Ethical Imperative

The main dilemma which resulted in most Middle Eastern entities’ delay in keeping pace with the world, is the dogmatic adherence to purely theoretical religious approaches, which are far from having pragmatic and tangible benefits. These political entities have considered their religious beliefs the only salvation, although, they have not given any substantial upshot, as they’ve not exceeded the metaphysical boundary of being sterile ideologies that have nothing to offer.

But what I want to discuss here is an analysis of the rejection of secularism from a different perspective: How this rejection…

Facebook will lose its credibility in the Middle East if Karman joined its oversight board

When I examined the list which contained the members of Facebook’s oversight board, the entire list made sense to me, except for one name.

At first, I presumed the news of appointing Tawakkol Karman as a member of the board is a hoax, until I read the official op-ed which was published by Facebook.

What didn’t astound me, on the contrary, is the campaign of censure and disapproval through social networking sites as a reaction to the news. …

Lena Saladin

I’m a writer and the director of “Save Lives” program at the National Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms.

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