Jewish identity politics and the struggle to liberate Palestine
Rima Najjar

If Jews claim to be the only group exempt from criticism and claim that there cannot be Jewish terrorists, Jewish fascists, Jewish fundamentalists, Jewish racists, Jewish chauvinists and supremacists — this is disingenuous. It is an obvious lie — every identity group has its own evil. Many “Jewish advocates” morally maim Jewish community by cutting off self-reflection, conscience, remorse, by prohibiting any prosecution of Jewish criminals simply because, as Golda Meir said, “after the Holocaust, Jews can do whatever they want”. Jews, whoever identifies himself with this group, must be subject to accountability and prosecution, just like any other group. It is ridiculous and toxic to protect “Jewish name”, facing the unspeakable JEWISH atrocities. Besides, “Jewish identity” has never been ONLY religious, since Judaism is the only religion in the world that understands its members as a BLOODLINE TRIBE. This has to be taken into account. Therefore, it is vulnerable to political abuse and extremism, since a “Jewish community” is clearly understood as an ETHNIC entity, and “Jewish State” means supremacist ethno-theocracy.

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