Designing for myself : Resume Design

This was my old resume I made in 2015.


  1. to make content in two pages into one page.
  2. to visualise more (less texts)
sketch of layout
(progress) trying to make infographic about my experience

3. to list content and structure

name, contact info, introduction(what I can do), experience(working experience at many different environment including a big corporate like Amazon , start ups. working in different cities, tools I use, education, awards, and hobbies/fun facts to show my personality.

1st draft of my resume

Problems I found:

what‘s done well:

feedback: “love the clean portfolio and the cv”

what’s not :

My name, title, info, education, awards and hobbies are taking about 1/3 of the page — Are they important? can they be smaller?

Need more details about previous job role.

Most frequent questions I was asked from recruiters — “Can you do UI design?”

I will continue write about the process of designing my resume as I revise it further.