I am a worrier. At any given point in time there is a certain degree of worry that is in my being. I’m not sure if the rest of the human race has this feature installed in them, but what I do know is that it is less than amusing to feel this way. When I get a good grade at a subject in school, i’m worried about another subject that wasn’t exactly easy. When i’m extremely happy for no reason, I get worried that the harsh reality is about to check in. When someone is being overly nice to me, I worry that there is hidden agenda…. Such is my life.

I however made somewhat of a discovery/realization today. the current state of affairs will not change on account of my worry. It will not decrease or decrease the way that life moves no matter how much I concentrate on it. Nature will take its course, that is what is for certain. It’s sort of like when you are tied to a tree and someone throws a rock at you. No matter how much you cry and scream, the rock will follow its course and eventually hit you if you are in its way. Not the best example, I know… But I believe it paints the picture.

Bottom line, worry is irrelevant and if we can try to treat it as such, we will be happy/happier individuals. Worry not. :)