Day 12: What I Would Be Doing If Facebook Wasn’t Invented

As we all know, Facebook is currently one of the used and famous site worldwide and we cannot deny it. The success of Mark Zuckerberg suddenly skyrocketed from the below to the top, it was a success no one expected from a hacker.

I first saw Facebook when I was in 4th grade of Elementary, but I didn’t mind, nor gave attention to it, I just heard that it was popular that time so I made an account, but I do not understand and know the reason why it was popular. The site that I was addicted during those time was Friendster XD which was disband later. I became aware and addicted to Facebook a year after and was so drawn to the games more. Now, I’m still addicted to it, but not to the games, but to its communication function and the fact that I’m updated to everything.

What would I be doing if Facebook was not invented? Hmmm..

Well, I think I would still use gadgets but instead of Social Medias, it would be watching Anime and reading Manga, because I originally got addicted to gadgets and social medias because of those. And I would be addicted to texts and calling because if Facebook, the only site I can communicate with my friends without wasting money for loads, does not exist from the beginning, I would rely to mobile phones and such.

Since Facebook is one of the reasons why I stay in front of laptops and PC everyday, without it, I would be more of an outside person instead of inside. I would enjoy and make full of socializing personally with other people, which I think is a good thing for humans, who originally didn’t have modern objects.

Reminiscing it, there would be a lot of things I would be doing if Facebook wasn’t invented, but the fact that Facebook now became our world’s unnecessary needs, I cannot answer what would be beyond our lives if Science will improve more.

Facebook’s success until now proved that Technology has what it takes to change the world.

#cuppokeyki ❤

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