Day 14: My First Year of College

As an individual, what I hated the most is to step out my comfort zone and make a change for myself. Studying in one school from my Nursery days until College, I became attach to the school and unable to leave it, resulting in creating my unnecessary delusional world, and considering that in the past, I became a bullies’ target, change was something I hated. That’s why my first day in college was worse than I thought it would be.

At first, I thought that I would endure five years of hell, and thinking about it, it’s too long. I became scared of other people, even to my classmates who were kind to me at that time. I created a world wherein all of them would bully me, and so I became unable to see what reality is.

Enduring it for weeks, when the time that the whole class had an open forum (it’s so funny reminiscing it), I actually burst out crying telling everyone what I felt, and even put fault into some whom I though would bully me from behind my back (which right now is unexpectedly one of my close friends XD, such turn of fate). After that forum, there were still some issues needed to solve, but it turned out okay in the end. After that event, my college life slowly begin to turn to its positive looks. I became friends with everyone in my class and some people from other class. The hell I thought was actually an amusement park where I can enjoy my life with my classmates and friends.

After the incident, although the academics were hard XD, my first year in college unexpectedly came out amazingly better than I thought. Together, we overcome a hardships as a class and passed it as a whole. I even became friends with the most unexpected people, and was influenced by them.

Weeks ago, before the academic year start, my classmates and I had a conversation while waiting for the service and along the way, we reminisced and they said the one who had a big personality gap was me, it was so embarrassing that I’m actually laughing to myself.

Now, I enjoy my time with them and every time we spend together as a class, I slowly become attach to the class I am in now. It was the class wherein I felt that I really fit in. I love them. ❤

#Cuppokeyki ❤