The lack of a smile is killing your business!

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When I enter a restaurant or a cafe and the staff doesn’t smile at me I immediately start wondering what’s wrong. I know these people are getting paid for providing good service, I would assume that at least once they’ve heard their restaurant owner/manager mentioning the importance of smile… Then I start imagining maybe something bad happened in this person’s life and they still have to work, or maybe they hate their job and can’t really quit now, or anything else… But after working all those years in Hospitality I also know that smiling is one of the fundamental skills of the industry, it’s like breathing — if you work in Hospitality you must know how to smile genuinely. Period. There is no way around it.

Just think about your customers for a moment — every time anyone visits your establishment they choose you over your competitors and then as a “reward” they have to deal with a grumpy facial expression of your hostess and moody attitude of your waiter. Do you think after that experience they would choose your restaurant AGAIN? I wouldn’t! No matter how good your food is or what an amazing interior decor concept your designer came up with I would rather go to your competitor where maybe the food is not so special, but their service team makes me feel welcome and comfortable being there.

The lack of a smile from your staff is slowly killing your customer’s experience and will eventually kill your business.

And hey, don’t take me wrong, I am not saying your staff should be forced into faking their smiles no matter what. I truly believe that everyone has their own ability to produce a genuine smile and it is just the matter of training, knowledge and motivation.

Yes you will have to train your employees about the appropriate behavior while working in the dining room, the waiter’s’ etiquette and the basics of the body language. You will also have to train them on the menu items and the ingredients that you are offering to your customers as you can’t expect your staff to smile when they aren’t sure what to offer to the guest or can’t explain what this item is made of — you will have to give them the deep knowledge of your establishment and all its components. Last but not the least, you as an owner/manager will have to motivate them to go out there and interact with your customers in such way that they would want to come back over and over again (I don’t think your staff would be really motivated if you just yell at them in the middle of the dining room and everyone around you hears that).

Please put a SMILE on your list of mandatory things today and let your employees know how important it is for you and your business.

Thank you very much for reading this article and it makes me happy knowing that people dedicate a few minutes of their life reading this. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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