An image with the article title and Greg Jackson’s photo
An image with the article title and Greg Jackson’s photo

If you are on a journey of starting your business, launching your startup or looking for some business ideas, you might want to have a look at some tips from one of the most successful leaders of our time — the founder and CEO of Octopus Energy Greg Jackson.

At the end of last year, right before we all got locked up in our homes, I had a chance to attend an event full of curious insights into entrepreneurship and leadership from Greg Jackson. …

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Have you ever noticed feeling down just by thinking about turning your computer on? Have you ever felt anxious starting a new project? Or felt like nobody understands your “creative genius”?

Remember how you used to feel excited each time you heard the word design? Or remember that spark in your eyes, getting reflected off of the screen of your laptop, enough to light up the whole coffee shop you’ve hidden yourself in? 🥑 #hipsteralert

Or how you’d get inspired checking out a Behance project, utterly confident you’ll create something as slick as that one, or even better? …

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The goal of this assignment was to redesign the ‘Log’ screen in order to help the users create a habit of logging on a daily basis and increasing the ‘App Session and Log/Memo Saved’ conversion rate from 40% to 80%.

Today I am going to talk about my process of re-designing the main screen of the moods and hormone cycle tracking app. This was a part of the design assignment during the interviewing process for a femtech startup.

This post could be useful for founders and entrepreneurs wanting to launch or improve their product, and digital/product designers wanting to have a glimpse into another designer’s thinking process.

Defining The Problem

Only 40% of the users log their information on a daily basis

Potential Reason

After downloading and testing the app, I had a feeling that the current log screen had too many options and scales. Having to fill them in felt tedious, it also felt like a hard task evaluating how one feels about so many things on a daily basis. …

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After having read Elizabeth Gilberth’s book ‘Big Magic’ — okay, let’s be honest: after having listened to an audiobook, #cheatalert!, I decided to give writing a try.

In her book Elizabeth Gilbert empowers the reader to embrace vulnerability and follow one’s desire to create. She talks about inspiration as if it had its own consciousness and as if it would deliberately choose a person it wanted to grant itself to — Woah ...Interesting.


Lena Kudryavtseva

Hi! 👋 I am a Product Designer from Estonia. I live and work in London helping businesses achieve success through intuitive user-centred design.

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