How to build and cultivate good relationships with your boss, peers, and subordinates

Communicating at work is essential — regardless of position, understanding and being understood requires interaction. For those in leadership positions, communication is not only critical to doing the job, it is also part of what is expected of the professional. Communication in leadership positions occurs mainly in three dimensions: down (led), across (other managers) and up (to whom the leader reports). Depending on who you are talking to, the way you conduct communication may change, and some extra caution is required.

The following topics are part of class material from consultant Barbara Gunning (Rocking your Team), a Leading From the Middle teacher in the UCSD Project Management program. These are points that help create an accurate map of how to act in all communication situations at work. …


Lenara Londero

Brazilian, Journalist, Scrum Master and Product Owner specialized in digital products. Enthusiast of the power of soft skills in work and life relationships

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