5 tips for your underground trips: Prague

Feb 22 · 5 min read

If you think, that the capital of the Czech Republic — it’s all about beer, pork knees, and castles — you’re terribly mistaken.

The point is, that you see exactly what you want to see. If you want to see old-fashioned Prague with Karlov Bridge, billions of swans and 2 billions of tourists — it’s your choice. I’ll not judge you. But in that case, this article is not for you. Close it and go right to Tripadvisor. But if you want to know a different side of Prague — its modern life and fashionable places — stay with me and I’ll share with you some interesting points.

You don’t need to strictly follow these tips, but keep them in mind. Just for a case.

1. Go to Letna!

Forget about Astronomical clock, castle-on-hill and Dancing house. Leave this for Chinese and Russian tourists groups. And go straight to Letna district, which is located on the North, right across the Vltava after Florence (main bus station).

Rent an apartment for your staying in Letna. First of all, it’s a little bit cheaper in comparison with the old town. The second reason why you have to do this — it’s an atmosphere. The air here literally consists of art and spirit of freedom. Like Berlin, but smaller and with Czech flavor.

What to see:


This building of the Center for Contemporary Arts looks like Led Zeppelins’ air balloon fell on it from the nice ’70s. Come inside or not — it’s up to you. Depends on the current exhibition, for real. Last time I was in DOX there is nothing interesting in the paid zone. So, I just walked around and stared at peoples.

— Café Letka

This place — is a concentrated Letna spirit with strong coffee flavor and dog-friendly stuff. Behind the right door, you can grab a flat white and work for a while (if you’re will be lucky to find a table), and, at the same time, behind the left door group of actors meet up for the morning try-out.

Amazing place.


How many art spaces you have seen? Well, VNITROBLOCK certainly will not be the worst. Where else you can get the hot Belgian french fries with homemade tartar sauce in the old school bus? This place is so tiny, that all, that you can find inside — it’s two tables, similarity of the bar along the window, and two nice guys near the cooker. Price was about 3,5 Euro, that’s a little bit high for Prague, but you pay not just for the fries. You pay mostly for the experience and memories.

— Beer Gardens

Ok, I know, it’s kinda touristic place, but it’s good anyway. Especially, out of the season. Just grab a beer (classic!), cider (pear is my favorite), wine (rose — one love) or whatever you drink and occupied the wooden table near the edge. Morning hours are the best. Who needs organic tea and avocado croissant in the morning? Start the day with beerakfast (beer + breakfast). Who can judge you? Not me.

2. Check the Meet Factory

If you’re a lucky guy and have enough time to visit this place — don’t think too long. Just jump on the 12th tram and don’t miss the stop. I wasn’t so lucky, that’s why then I was in Prague last time, the Meet Factory was closed under the exhibition reconstruction.

3. Roll away from the main streets

I can’t stop wondering, how the big cities can be so much different. This second you standing near the Karlovy Lazne, but the five seconds later — you’ll go down through the deserted street and find the hidden modern place with great coffee, nice rose and big dog inside. It calls Standart Cafe, but it’s higher over the standards.

Really nice place to grab flat white in the morning and go to chill on the riverside.

4. Feed the swan

But not near the Karlov Bridge. These swans is too fat and without your buns. Go down the river, to the Andel. There are the nice water port and stone embankment, equipped by a few tables and iron chairs for locals. One more place to get a breakfast outside (if you like picnics and all these stuff)

5. Go to the show

Eastern Europe, Prague in particular, not spoiled so much by the concerts of foreign bands and artists. But in the last years, Prague arenas welcomed many music stars. So, if you’re going to the Czech Republic for the weekend — don’t forget to check the upcoming concerts. Bit a euro, that you can find something interesting.

Oh, and one more: don’t miss the supermarket opening hours if you need to buy something to spend good nighttime. Most of them closed at 9–11 PM. Not too early, you can say. For regular living, yes. But when you are on the vacation — time flows differently. You can be stuck on the bar and miss the latest tram to home. And when you want to buy something to drink or eat after midnight — 24 hours small grocery stores, managed by Chinese is your one and only option. Prices are high, the choice is poor. So, don’t be a fool, buy everything that you need (bottle of the finest wine, Grana Padano cheese and cashew nuts) in advance and put it on the backpack.

Hope, these tips help you discover Prague from the different side. Every trip changes us. Don’t miss any chance and travel more.

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