6 Reasons to Work with Assholes

Sep 26 · 3 min read

Developing skill to get the benefits from any case

Previous negative experience makes us stronger and helps us to grow as a personality. You don’t need to be nervous when you meet with assholes on your way. Take out benefit from this situation and look at this from another angle.

Working with assholes you…

Learn how to keep calm

And how to meditate. Any ideas how not to lose self-control and avoid a heart attack? In general, the ability to keep your head clear in stressful situations is one of the most important life skills. You should let your emotions come out but later. When it is over.

Humble with the idea that everybody makes mistakes and sometimes does weird things

Also, take some notes of how not to do. You will approximately know what to do if you are in a similar situation in the future

Will know exactly what you want

Some kind of reverse psychology. Sometimes it may be hard to say what your expectations from work are. But I’m pretty sure that everyone can name a lot of negative points which must not exist at their dream job such as delayed salary, irregular working hours and etc.

Learn how to respect your work

And the work of other people, too. If it seems to you that you are doing your job very well and you worth better (salary, conditions) then… it does not seem to you. Making business with someone who is unable to appreciate you and your good qualities is the best way to spoil your nerves and lose time. Besides, a clear mind helps to evaluate people’s work correctly and to respect it.

Understand that talking about money and claim worths is not shameful

Yeah, I know that kind of feeling when you have to ask for money for a work that has already been done (and done well!) while clients feed you promises. Some important points:

— Discuss all financial moments in advance

— Make a contract or an agreement, at least

— Take a prepay

— Check the client for fair (for example, reviews for other workers)

— Do not send the whole project before you make sure about the payment

Make up your mind to changes

That’s probably my favorite reason why you should work with assholes. Someday you may just realize that it shouldn’t be going this way anymore and tell your decisive «NO» to all that bustards. Cut the rope from the ankle and dive into the sea of new opportunities.

P.s. To be honest, it’s better to avoid to work with unreliable people and dubious projects. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. Do not waste your time and power. We all deserve the best.

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