Kehlani Plan

Kehlani is a 21-year-old R&B singer. She started off in ballet but found a love for singing due to knee issues. Kehliani is signed to Atlantic Records. Kehliani use to be a no filter, lay is all out there, type of girl. She got into some trouble a while back for some things that she said said in the past. Being signed to Atlantic Records and being more under the microscope this has changed a bit. She speaks openly about her battle with depression and tried to commit suicide last year and keeps fans/followers up to date with that through instagram and twitter.

Instagram is a really good spot and hub for brands/images of her nature. She is quite manic with the frequency of posts and active engagement. There is no clear direction or plan with this account. This platform really could be cultivated to really be a nice platform to communicate with fans and get images that promote her brand/tour/album release. Facebook is a site that is extremely lacking. Most to the tabs don’t work that would show her tour dates coming up or any information. On this page you can see a certain voice that is not used on other platforms. It seems generated by her management. The website isn’t very accessible but you can tell there is a brand/image turnover happening. My thoughts would have been to do a relaunch of social media before announcing a tour/new album release.

Aside from Social Media, which needs a lot of work, the fan to artist relations lack. This is something that is so crucial to an artist in the scene. Merch is something that is really important. Consistency and overall flow really needs to happen. It’s ok to ask for engagement via online and through your platforms. It think it’s the coolest when artists show interest in their fans. I had some cool ideas such as pop up shows, a cultivated social plan, merch that reflects the brand and increase overall fan engagement and transactions. With her new found fame, I can’t wait to see what her and her team comes up with. Im curious to see how their plan progresses.