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I read an article by Ari Herstand who claims that he has never been on a tour that did not result in profit. One of the things he said was a major setback for a lot of bands is the travel component. I understand that we can’t really change much now with this tour because it does seem planned out, it’s just $6,000 in the hole. I see that they start the tour off on a clear path that doesn’t take them out of the way. One of their biggest gas guzzlers would be from Minnesota to Ohio. Would have been more economical to go from Detriot through the more east coast states back to the Midwest. They a lot $100 a day for gas and 4 days where they are just traveling. 
No, after a 9hour car ride you don’t want to play a house show. But a suggestion would be to do just that. On the days that you dedicate to just travel days try to make a little extra money by booking intimate/chill house shows that day. You could strip down the act and just use three members and possibly rotate them out to give others a break through the tour. 
I see that the Tour Manager makes more than each musician in the band. For me, I don’t see this-this as something alright. It does look like this band has a large budget and many shows so many they need one extra person but a lot of bands go on tour without a manager and are self-managed. As someone who wants to manage touring bands, I don’t necessarily encourage this, but maybe they could negotiate where each person going on tour makes the same amount. 
House shows- 4shows/20 seats at each at $20 a seat- about +$1,600
Equal pay for all tour members- +$2000 
That’s already +3,600 leaving $2,400 yet to get. 
Local Transportation and Cabs. It’s a two-week tour people and you have a van spending $100 in gas a day. Cut out the cab rides. 
Now, we are $1420 in the hole. Not as bad as $6000. 
This is where crowdfunding comes in and selling your merch. Put out a CL add for a cute someone and ask them to sell your merch for you at your show. You will see that by having someone with a nice smile who loves your music can reallllly sell you stuff. They could easily make the remaining $1420 by selling more merch and scaling back on on-tour expenses.

article written based on this tour budget:

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