Said And Done (a story within)

I don’t remember how exactly I discovered Nils Frahm, what lead me to this music. But just how your friends become your friends, and neiter of you can remember exactly when and why, it happened.

I have a reocurring dream. I sit alone in a room. There’s a piano in front of me. I look at its keys. Then my hands start playing the piano. The sound is deep and etheral, unlike anything I’ve heard before, it’s almost tangible. I know I can’t possibly be creating music that beautiful. Realizing this, I wake up with the deepest yearning to play this music again. 
I can’t. But Nils Frahm can.

“Said and Done” was one of the first pieces I heard so I will talk about it. This piece is 9 minutes 39 seconds long but it tells a story only few can tell so vividly.
 The first minute is just one note, pounding again and again. The aftermath of all the harsh words said, a relationship shattered, an argument which one regrets, something that can’t be unsaid and undone, something irrevocable.
 The second minute rolls in. The single note gets surrounded with a melody of memories, the mourning and the questioning, and the poignant happiness of the prior hour or perhaps prior days, when everything was different, when everything still was.
 On the 3rd minute there’s a thought… Is there a chance? The mind throws a hopeful “what if”, a chance to rewind, to go back, to say “yes” instead of “no”, maybe offer a downpour of explanations, anything to make everything intact again. It is frantic and filled to the brim with the fluttering anxious hope, the sort that makes you run after the departing train, to stumble up the stairs, run across the street hoping to reach, to bring back.
 On the 6th minute a deeper realisation is dawning. There’s no way to bring anything back. The chattering of the mind, still clinging and hoping, is in the background now, and the forefront is filled with the strange feeling of relief of letting go.
 On the 7th minute the music is like watching a rushing stream, with sunshine reflected in it, the stream is carrying away all the feverish excitement, and false hopes, and anger.
 The last minute ponders upon what’s said and done, with the quiet dignity and acceptance.
 With more albums to come, with more concerts to perform, with so much talent to offer, Nils Frahm creates music of rare beauty.

Nils Frahm at a concert in Vancouver on November 8, 2014