AARRR is a framework familiar to people who have worked on product growth. Sometimes we use it in the wrong way though. AARRR is a framework based on the user’s life cycle but not the product’s life cycle. As a product manager or growth manager, what should we do at each stage of the product’s life cycle? There are numerous frameworks out there. Do we know under what circumstance, they are to be used? What we lack is the high-level strategic view of product growth.

Last Friday, I shared the “Product Growth Strategy at each stage of the Product’s whole life cycle”, as part of “Capturing Opportunities in the Next 10 Years” webinar series organized by 职人社 and Zhihu (知乎).

This sharing was conducted in Mandarin – feel free to check it out if you’re interested: https://zhiren.cn/salon/1271026597608161280?tab=record.


Last time, we talked about Being a Product Owner and Communicating with the Technical Team in Part I. Today, I will continue the topic “What it’s like being a B2B product manager” and focus on Bridge the Gap between Business and Technology and Product Backlog.

Bridge the gap between business and technology

Technology is always a means…

Spectacular & Dangerous Road on Earth- Tianmen Mountain Road, Zhangjiajie, China (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_mTyz-wANY)

When we talk about product management in tech, usually we don’t explicitly distinguish between B2C and B2B. What we often hear people say is “Product management is very vaguely defined and varies a lot in different companies depending on the type of product, the size, stage, and culture of the…

Ying (Lena) Li

Visual Search & AR @ Amazon, ex-Product Lead of Personal Finance @ Yahoo Finance; experienced in AI-powered consumer and SaaS products;

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