Leasing farmland should not be a matter of trust

Sep 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Farmland is an invaluable asset and information is power… especially when it comes to renting or investing in your next farmland.

Lendit create an immutable Land Lease Ledger (LLL) where the involved parties can enter agreements which are fed by historic land usage data, trusted events and benefit from a data-driven revenue and risk sharing mechanisms.

we assure that rental agreements are fair and transparent to landowners and farmers.

For Landowners


  • Find easily trustworthy renters.
  • Profit from our standardized process
  • Fair price evaluation and transparency


  • We offer on-chain standardized agreements,
  • Eliminate the financial risk of not being payed,
  • We collect and automate payments,
  • Analytics data are written to ledger to prove your farmland is properly used.

For farmland investors

Why us?

  • Manage your farmland portfolio.
  • Use our marketplace for farmland to locate potential new investments.
  • Give access to small investor thanks to tokenization.


By using blockchain and applying tokenization, in the form of a Security token (STO), Investors could

  • Own a piece of a land
  • Participate to the farms performance


  • More farmer to access farmland
  • Distribute equally benefits

For Farmers


  • Find new places to increase your operations.
  • Find new farmland in just a few clicks and browse its history of that.


Find the perfect farmland, and profit from increased transparency:

  • Record of the land history,
  • Fair market price evaluation,
  • Optional Parametric insurance.

Facilitating loans:

  • Lendit historical and tamper-proof data let Lend-It create a farmer profile
  • This track record will facilitate loan at the bank.
  • This profile will even work for unbanked people and facilitate micro loan in developing countries.

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