Conversations with my Wise Friend! A truly enlightening experience!

N.B. — The conversation you are about to read is one that was had by my wise friend and/ or mentor and I! The words were imparted by them via the wisdom they have learned, studied and gained over the years, therefore I am truly blessed and grateful to have gotten these insights! Hope you do as well!

You can only love your life to the level of awareness you have of your blessings.

We can never be grateful unless we see blessings.

We never get more in life unless we become grateful.

Inside every negative thing, scenario, event, person or whatever, their has within it an equal amount of positives.

All we have to do is to see all the whole picture, not just the one side, and we can only see other side, by asking the quality questions.

How does this serve me,

What is the blessing in it,

What am i learning,

What would not happen if this didn’t happen etc…

The quality of our life is based on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves!

Was it really a bad and sad day, or was it the most blessed day today!

Then in that moment you will see, tears of inspiration and thankfulness will come out of your

eyes and that is what we all want, that feeling.

We are all doing everything all together!

One of the best lessons that I have learned is, “ Our life is not what happens to us, its is our perception”

Every day new challenges come

Every day we face new things, but at the end of the day we can ask questions and see how everything that happened today was full of blessings and while counting the blessings we get tears in our eyes and the get to be able to sleep deeply.

How many teachers I know, have claimed, that they were so positive in their work and so negative in their homes. Their positivity outside of their home have attracted negativity in their home.

The more we get charged by any emotion the more we attract the other side, to balance us.

It is taught to us that we are magnets, but no one have taught us the meaning of being a magnet!

We are a magnet in all times in all situations and we can only be a magnet, not more or less.

The master is the one, who learn to live in center.

It is who we call enlightened!

It is who we call the great one!

It is who we call the immortal one, and in center we have love and gratitude to the ONE.

Your positives have attracted my negative and my positives have attracted your negatives and

vice verse, having this in mind is living life of wisdom.

When we see positive we live in illusion of infatuation.

When we see negative we live another illusion of repulsion.

When we see both the negative and the positive,

We get into our center love unconditional, which is true love.

Where you love and appreciate another the way they are as they are, that is power!

When you do this, you become what you are called, magnetic or irresistible person regardless how people hate you or don’t like you, they keep coming back to you.

📷 credit unsplash — Anton Repponen