“It is said that the greatest teacher is experience”.

This is true, because this week I’m learning the power of your attitude, can change your circumstances.

Being faced with a situation that seemed very slim chances of working out, I had two choices:

  1. Be negative about it and tell that negative rhetoric to everyone I may encounter (a total drag). OR
  2. Change my whole frame of mind and attitude to the situation and be grateful for what is, be grateful for what lead to it, and be thankful that an outcome is already in the works.

(Different frame of mind, Yes?)

This brings me to the outcome… what on the onset looked pretty bleak in its chances of working out, because of my attitude and faith in the right outcome already existing (I just needed to have an open mind to allow the right options to come through 😉) it changed my outcome.

In the end, it worked out, or as we say in “Trini” slang “ Ah Get through”.

“Your attitude towards a situation, is what results in it’s equivalent outcome”.