The caulking in the bathtub wasn’t dry yet so I took a bucket and another container to scoop the water and washed myself the old school way. Made me remember showering like that when I was younger and during my time in the Philippines. I enjoyed it a lot. Of course, it’s gonna be hard doing that when the weather gets colder.

I kind of had a rough day today. Woke up tired, no coffee or caffeine, weary, feeling mentally and emotionally deflated. Defeated. I kept trying to get myself out of it. It’s something I didn’t think would affect me so badly. Just lacking faith in myself and my abilities. Thinking about times I messed up badly. I’m still trying to get my life together but I’m doing it at a snail’s pace.

Watching the movie Southpaw is kind of inspiring. Always take care of yourself, those you love and keep pushing to make yourself better. Even if it takes forever, just never give up. I was once a confident person, but I was younger then. I have too many doubts and too high expectations for myself. It’ll be fine. I’ll just keep saying that to myself and maybe it will be.

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